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Ross Valley Little League Youth Umpire Program

Ross Valley Little League employs boys and girls of at least 12 years of age (as of opening day) as umpires for its Double A, Minor and Major league games. This is an exceptional opportunity for young people who know and love the game of baseball to gain experience in a position of responsibility and work at their first real paying job. RVLL umpires are compensated for their services, and thus are expected to approach their role as professionals. As umpires, they have the final ruling on all aspects of the game. They are in charge!

RVLL youth umpire program is an integral part of our league. We have always relied upon having our players and former players as umpires for our games. It is another way in which RVLL makes an effort to be a part of our community and provide these young men and women an opportunity to gain work experience and make some money while staying involved in something that they love and in which they are already personally invested.

Ross Valley Little League is looking for youth umpires that love baseball, understand and accept the responsibilities of the job, while being a big important part of the league. With over a dozen games every week and two umpires per game, there are a lot of opportunities.

Umpire Pay

Umpire pay is based upon years of umpiring experience and game assignment.

Rookie: $40 for each completed plate assignment. $30 for each completed bases assignment
1, 2 and 3 years of umpiring experience: $50 for each completed plate assignment, $40 for each completed bases assignment
4 years or more of umpiring experience: $65 for each completed plate assignment, $55 for each completed bases assignment

In addition, there is a bonus pay of $10 per assignment for playoff games. Playoff assignments are rewarded to those umpires that have the best regular season performances, which include manager and Umpire in Chief reports, and making assigned games on time as scheduled.

Playoff pay:

Rookie: $55 for each completed plate assignment. $45 for each completed bases assignment
1, 2 and 3 years of umpiring experience: $60 for each completed plate assignment, $50 for each completed bases assignment
4 years or more of umpiring experience: $75 for each completed plate assignment, $65 for each completed bases assignment

The Schedule

RVLL is a volunteer organization. Helping the volunteers in this effort by showing up prepared, when and where you are assigned, will not go unnoticed. We typically play at least a 15 games per week and need to schedule and keep track of more than 30 umpires each and every week. As previously mentioned, if one of those umpires forgets, goes missing or decides to go skiing at the last minute, it throws a well oiled operation into a bit of a panic. Do not let this happen to you - your umpiring career will be short lived.

On the other hand, those that can be consistently relied upon to show up on time, take charge, act professionally and perform to a high standard will receive more assignments including playoff games.

Training and Requirements

Both teams and all their fans are relying upon the umpires to start the games as scheduled, and conduct the games in a serious manner. The umpires must be prepared, know the rules, and be on time.

1) All umpires are required to attend 2 (two) MANDATORY training sessions given by the local Little League International District Umpiring Chief prior to opening day. Dates will be posted.
2) Thorough knowledge and command of the rules of baseball are essential. We recommend you read and study the Little League's "Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules". Contact the league Umpire-In-Chief for more information or a copy of the current rulebook. Also check the Little League Website HERE for more info on rules and special situations.
3) Umpires must be at the game at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start. They will be asked to chalk the baselines and batters box, and inspect the team equipment before the first pitch. Showing up late is considered a negative and can affect future game assignments, so be there early!


1) RVLL players and former players that played through Juniors are given priority.

2) You must be at least 12 years old by the season's opening day

3) First year umpires with no previous experience are only assigned to Minor League games at bases. They will be worked up to plate assignments during the second half of the season based on desire, initial performance and comfort behind the plate.

4) Majors players are not allowed to umpire in the Majors and their assignments will be confined to Minor League games.

5) Conflicts - Umpires are not allowed to umpire games in which siblings or other family members are playing or coaching. Due to the complexity of tracking this, we rely on individual umpires and coaches to self-police this restriction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are the game assignments made:
Umpires are asked to submit a list of eligible dates for which they are available. Those dates are matched to the game schedule with experienced umpires getting first priority of assignments. A special allowance is made for first year umpires to get them at least one game as soon as possible, usually a base assignment partnered with an experienced umpire.

What happens if something happens, and I can't make a game assignment?

You should notify the umpire scheduler and umpire in chief immediately! Phone, email, text, any or all of those are OK. No notification will certainly cost you future game assignments, and last minute notifications are not good either, so if you're staying home from school because you are sick, you should let them know first thing that morning. This is a job, so please be responsible.

When do we get paid?

Payments are made early the month following the month that you worked. For example, if you were a 3rd year umpire that worked 3 base assignments in March, you would receive your check for $135 in early April. Its important to track your game assignments to make sure no game payments are missed.

Do I have to attend the training sessions?

Yes. Little league rules change regularly, so even if you have had many years experience umpiring, you will still need to attend. If you have a practice scheduled at the same time we will notify all coaches so you can be allowed to go to the trainings.

There will be a few different training sessions - base and field assignments, rules review, and field preparation.

Missing the training sessions will impact your number of game assignments, as you will be less prepared and less knowledgeable than those that went. 1st year umpires that miss any of the training session may not get any or an extremely limited number of game assignments.

Umpires are expected to do the field preparation too?

Yes, but that is limited to chalking the baselines and batters box. The managers and RVLL do the rest of the work.

Do I need to buy a light blue umpire shirt and pitch count clicker?

No, RVLL supplies the umpires with all the equipment they require.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact the league Umpire in Chief at [email protected]


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